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Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria and the 12th largest city by population in the European Union, with about 1.4 million people living in the Capital Municipality. It is located in western Bulgaria, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, and is the administrative, cultural, economic, and educational centre of the country.

Sofia Municipality is an administrative and territorial unit. Its management is a mixture of the self-government of the citizens and the operation of the state policy for the development of the capital. The capital includes 24 administrative and territorial districts and 34 mayor-led councils.

Local time
GTM + 2 hours

Currency & exchange
The Bulgaria’s official currency is the Lev (BGN), which is divided into 100 stotinki. The Lev is tied to the Euro at a fixed rate of €1 = 1.9558 leva (

Banks are normally open Monday - Friday from 9AM to 5PM.

Sofia Airport

Address: 1 Christopher Columbus boulevard, Sofia 1540, Bulgaria

Airport code: SOF

Number of terminals: 2

Flight Information
(+3592) 937-2211, (+3592) 937-2212, (+3592) 937-2213

Lost and Found Department
(+3592) 937 3554, (+3592) 937 3555

Transfer between terminals
A free shuttle takes travellers between the two passenger terminals.

Car parking
A large parking lot is located in front of the old terminal building. A new multi-level parking garage providing 820 parking spaces is linked to the departures area of the new passenger terminal. The car parks are open non-stop.

Rent a car
Rent-a-car offices are located in the public zone of the Arrivals Hall.

Public transport
Sofia Public Transport Company (SKGT) (tel: (02) 831 9071/5; operates two buses serving the airport. Both run between the airport and the university in the city centre, albeit following different routes. Bus 84 goes to the airport's Terminal 1 while bus 284 serves Terminal 2. Services are frequent during the day and available from 05:00-23:00.

The price of a ticket is 1 BGN (around 0.50 EURO). Tickets can be bought from the pavilion, at the bus stop.If you carry luggage larger than 60x60x40 cm, you are expected to buy a separate ticket for it. The ticket price for a piece of luggage is also 1 BGN (approximately 0.50 EURO).

The best way to get a reliable taxi service to the city centre is to book the transfer with taxi company.

Terminal 1
You can make a request for the service at the office of "OK Supertrans":
(+359 2) 973 21 21,

The office is located in Arrivals Hall – Terminal 1. You can also take a taxi directly at the taxi stands, located in front of the western exit of the building of the Terminal 1.

Terminal 2
You can make a request for the service at the office of "OK Supertrans":
(+359 2) 973 21 21,
Also, you can make a request for the service at the office of "Taxi S Express":
(+359 2) 9 12 80,

You can also order a transfer to the Sky Travel Agency.


Contact:   Mr Stefan Daskalov

Tel/Fax: (+359 2) 470 90 75
Postal Address: 9, Kokiche Str. BG, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria

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