Workshop Objectives and Topics

Objectives of the GMES Operational Capacity Workshop in Sofia:

  • Raising awareness on GMES and the current role of EU-12
  • Giving opportunities for an increased involvement of the EU -12 in research activities and future operational exploitation of GMES

Main topics to be addressed:

The evolution of GMES - research and operational aspects:

  • Deeper integration of EU-12 capacity based on top-down and bottom–up approach in the Operational program
  • Regional networking in service provision, data collection and availability, based on the user needs, common reference databases; etc.
  • Forecasting and prevention in the field of environment protection & citizens security; emergencies response; risk and security management

The GMES program governance for infrastructure observation and services provision:

  • Greater impact on user oriented services
  • Integration between core and downstream, space and in-situ service components
  • Flexible approach towards different GMES areas of interest - centralized (for environment) and decentralized (for risk and security)

Progresses in GMES services and involvement of EU-12:

  • Increasing the competitiveness and innovation capacity of the SMEs in GMES – economical and social impact
  • Integration between GMES Programme and INSPIRE Directive


Contact:   Mr Stefan Daskalov

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Postal Address: 9, Kokitche Str. BG, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria