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ASDE, 02/20/2017
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Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) is a joint initiative of the European Commission and European Space Agency, which aims at achieving an autonomous and operational Earth observation capacity. The GMES initiative has been transformed into COPERNICUS Program . The key aim is Earth Observation data collection and operational services. A priority target is the development of an appropriate governance and business model structure supporting these services. COOPERNICUS Program of the European Union is a contribution to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems GEOSS and to the global capacity in Earth Observation. The role of the Bulgarian Information Office for Earth Observation-COPERNICUS (BIOC) , is to support this process through exchange of information, transfer of knowledge and good experience, promotion of regional initiatives and structures, and establishing contacts between potential partners, services providers and users.

One of the main issues of the report was the proposal under a very efficient collaboration between the European Commission (namely the Directorate General REGIO and the Directorate General of Joint Research Center ), the Bulgarian government, research and NGO’s structures, two European Workshops for Operational Capacity have been realized in Sofia, Bulgaria, as follows:

Under an order (R-94, 20.05.2015) of the Prime-minister of Bulgaria – Mr. Boyko Borisov, an Interdepartmental Working Group (IWG) was created, leaded by the Deputy prime-minister Mr. Tomislav Donchev. Its final report, supported by many governmental structures, research institutes and NGO’s was prepared, presented to the prime-minister and approved. One of the main issues of the report was based on the results of the European workshops – the proposal for establishment of a network of regional coordination structures for integrated analysis of changes and risk prevention planning in support to the global challenges, with a first step - the establishment of a Regional Structure for Integrated Risk and Territory Management for South East Europe in Bulgaria.

With a preliminary support from the Prime-minister of Bulgaria, an initiative was started for the preparation and realization of the Third European Workshop for operational capacity for integrated risk and territory management. During the workshop, the Regional structure for Integrated Risk and Territory Management for South East Europe will be launched.

We invite all partners and potential collaborators in the field of Earth Observation, Risk prevention and Territory Monitoring&Management to take part in the preparatory process of this event and to support and join the European workshop.

For The Bulgarian Information Office for Earth Observation-COPERNICUS (BIOC)
The Expert Council – 03.08.2016


to the Bulgarian Information Office for Earth Observation-COPERNICUS (BIOC)

Earth Observation – COPERNICUS - Bulgaria Project, aims to support the participation of Bulgaria and other member-states and candidate countries in the European Earth Observation Program – COPERINICUS (former – Program Global Monitoring for Environment and Security - GMES). The establishment of a single national point called Bulgarian Information Office for Office for Earth Observation-COPERNICUS (BIOC) will:

  • support development of strong operational national and regional capacity in risk prevention, monitoring of changes, resilience of critical infrastructure and sustainable territorial management;
  • collaboration between various science, research& development and operative structures, aiming better efficacy, efficiency and economy in prevention measures, management, funding and implementation actions;
  • support national, trans-border, regional and international cooperation and integration in Earth Observation, remote and in-situ data interpretation and harmonization, analytic and simulation tools, aiming increased efficiency and synergy in risk prevention, infrastructure and territory management activities;
  • Support regular monitoring of changes and data mining analysis, facilitating sustainable territorial management, assessment of the environmental and critical infrastructure status, as well as the efficient use of European an national funds,

As first steps the following priorities actions are under focus:

  • Further development and upgrading of the long traced initiative for developing nationally and regionally based Earth Observation operational capacity and value-added services;
  • Preparation of a joint vision/proposal for the initiative - Regional structure for Integrated Risk and Territory Management for South East Europe, discussed and supported by the First and Second European workshops on GMES operational capacity in 2010 and 2011;
  • Support to the realization of the Third European workshop on operational capacity in integrated risk and territory management for South East Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2017;
  • Support in developing national and regional operational capacity in prevention planning services, based on national and COPERNICUS data and services;
  • Support for the establishment of a European Mediterranean Network for integrated risk, territory and security management;


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